Ubiquitous Foot Problems

Ubiquitous Foot problems

We do not realise what a blessing our feet are until you are not able to function properly. Our feet allow us to be on the go. If due for any reason, we get foot pain, not only does it handicap us, our tasks remain undone and we get stuck in a predicament. Foot pain is relatively more common in the elderly, however certain foot problems can pertain to teenagers or middle-aged people too. This can become a source of discomfort for an individual. Since our feet are the prime source of handling our body weight, they are more prone to damage or disease than any other part of our body. Below are a few common problems that exist.

  1. Blisters are the most common foot problem and we have all had them at least once or twice if not more in our lifetime. They are caused by wearing a discomforting pair of shoes or sandals for extended hours. It can also occur when your feet produce sweat excessively. This is not an extreme case and can be treated at home. All you need to do is pick a prickly needle, sterilise it and try to burst the blister with it. Once it is done, clean it properly, apply an ointment, and cover it with a bandage. If the problem persists, consult a foot doctor in melbourne in your area.
  2. Circles can form around your toes or on your sole known as corns. They are not painful at once but can severe pain if not treated in time. They are formed to avoid any formation of blisters and are caused by improper shoes or any shoe that is not comfortable and is not your proper fit. This requires professional care, therefore you need to see a professional. At Southern Cross podiatry clinic, we treat your foot problems with utmost care.
  3. Ingrown toenails can be a result of the improper filing of nails. If you don’t correctly cut your nails, their corners can enter your skin and continue to grow inside it. If the case is not as extreme and is only causing mild discomfort, you can eat pain killers and put antibiotic ointments. But if the discomfort persists and causes an infection, head down to our podiatry clinic today and we would conduct the podiatric surgery to help you get rid of the ingrown nail.
  4. You can suffer from cracked heels and heels spur too. The bone on the heel might grow abnormally may be because of high-intensity workouts or sometimes even because of a bad posture. Our foot doctor helps you overcome any kind of heel problems.

Head down to our podiatry clinic today or call us for a consultation and we would be happy to assist you.