Medical Examination Of A Body

Our body is an amazing piece of nature. It has the most complex system and is working perfectly 24/7 without any break. Of course, it needs to be taken care of and there are various kinds of medical situation where it needs extra attention, otherwise it can become quite serious. 

For different medical condition contrasting ways of tests are performed to find out what the problem is. One of those tests is ultrasound in Sunnybank

Ultrasound is a normal sound but with frequency so high that a human being is unable to hear. It is commonly used in medicine to ct scan in Carindale the inside of the body to figure out the situation in there. Of course, for each medical test that requires insight to the body experts cannot take a body under a knife. So, for scanning the internal of a human body ultrasound is used and the test is called sonography. It is often used to diagnose diseases like

  • Gallbladder disease 
  • Abdominal problems
  • Kidney stones
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine growth
  • Fibroids
  • During pregnancies to see the condition of the fetus
  • And many others.


As the ultrasounds are used to scan and print the internal situation of the body, it is helpful to diagnose diseases without cutting the specific body part of the patient. Of course, cutting can worsen the situation and also it may happen, that a patient doesn’t require any sort of medical attention but, due to cutting to examine the area, he suffers the pain. It is quite helpful during pregnancies as it helps to clearly understand the condition of the fetus. It is so widely used for the fetus that whenever the term sonography is used, first thought that crosses the mind will be of the pregnancy test. 


People are often concerned about the side effect of ultrasound. One should be completely relaxed as the doctors have used these high-frequency sound waves for decades and no potential harm has been recorded. Yes, the heat from the sound waves may cause a disturbance in the cells and cause some gas situation other than that, this method is completely safe to perform. There will not be any sort of harmful effects on the mother and the baby both. Pregnant mothers can have multiple sessions and it will not harm their baby. 

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